Simple Harmonic Motion

Relationships- what does that word mean? For one, it’s not an entity one can touch, feel, see. Take it as a pact or say a venture where a part of another person and an EQUAL part of you are signed in…in sync or as we learned in school: in SHM…Simple HARMONIC motion.

Yesterday I was supposed to have dinner with a very old friend of mine. Kaushani. And her boyfriend. She’s married to this guy but they are not in SHM! So she has a boyfriend who is twice divorced but married now to someone and has three kids blah blah blah! But she is my best friend and she they love each other blindly. But somehow the dinner date got cancelled because he was not feeling too well. A few weeks back, Kaushani and I decided to hang out together and hit the nightclubs. We spent a whole night club-hopping and dancing with random guys. Though three tequila shots burned a deep hole in my credit card, I actually had a wonderful time with my girlfriend (for a change!) after a really long time. However, the boyfriend of hers kept calling her every hour to make sure she was ‘okay’ and not ‘sloshed’ and definitely not in the arms of another man! She kept swearing a hundred times that she was sober and not checking out other men. I wondered, is this normal? I mean, what are two single (at least while we were out dancing) girls to do when they decide to go club-hopping? Dance with each other? Do some kind of a gay tango? Well anyway…while I drifted towards this really nice guy who does bit roles on TV and who’s six feet two with stubbles and a killer smile…phew…K kept a safe distance from the male of the species…

Two Bacardis, three tequila shots, two beer pints, two pegs of vodka and a peg of scotch downed, at about four thirty in the morning, I peeled myself off the dance floor at Roxy and got into a cab waiting for us outside the hotel. After the hangover passed…and it took quite a while to pass…I reminisced on the lovely time I had with K. Who needs men when you have good girlfriends to hang out with? I mean though I am not single as in ‘single’ single…well…okay I have a boyfriend of six years, I’d prefer to hang out with my girlfriends because at some point of time or the other, men can’t really have as much fun as a bunch of girls can…can they? Even though K’s guy kept calling her every sixty minutes, I can guarantee that she had as much fun as I did. Hell we freaked out! As long as you are in SHM with yourself, it doesn’t really matter if your other half (not necessarily the better half!) is in SHM with you. You don’t HAVE to agree with each other on everything and nothing. K is not in SHM with her husband. Problem is she is not even in SHM with her boyfriend. Love in her case wasn’t BLIND! Love, in her case is like a vigilante. Eyes wide open, guarding her against herself, her own instincts. Before she knows it, her motion has fallen out of harmony with herself. She has been swept away by her guy’s motion…If you are in love…you needn’t LOSE yourself.


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