Love In the Time of Slowdown- An Incomplete Love Story

I had written this little piece two years back when the hottest topic of discussion was the Slowdown in global economy! I left it incomplete- what could have been a tragi-comic tale of ‘Love in the time of slowdown’!! It reads well nevertheless so I decided to publish it.

What do you do when one glance at the newspaper or any TV channel and you see one word staring at you: SLOWDOWN?

Simple: You shop till you drop! At least that is what I have been doing to keep the slowdown jitters at bay. Last week I bought books worth three grands from Oxford and I gifted myself new shades worth two grands. I don’t exactly know what effect it can have on other people but it sure soothes my nerves. At least momentarily. But as soon as I switch off the light around midnight, the demons come to haunt. Then I am filled with guilt of having purged five grands on books and luxuries when I’m not sure if my salary will be credited next month. They dance round and round my bed. They wear large large black ties around their necks and chant in a language who’s only word I can understand is the ‘S’ word. There! But I realized that there is one thing that can seemingly brighten up these trying times and lend gentle grease to your enthu-engine that’s sputtering and coughing, about to die out. It’s a simple four letter word: LOVE.

But first, the basics. There is an essential difference between slowdown and it’s superlative: Recession. While slowdown is when the GDP of a country is not growing as it was earlier. In other words there has been a ‘slowdown’ in the GDP growth of the country or the growth has almost ceased. That is when a country has entered a period of ‘slowdown’. On the other hand, recession is a more serious matter. When a country’s GDP registers negative growth or actually ‘declines’, that is when the country is said to have entered a period of ‘recession’. This, I read in a popular business daily which I presently folded and shifted my attention to other things. I had to refuel my car, stop at the bank, pick up some old books from a friend and then head to office. I called him while driving. His voice sounded bright and sunny enough to melt away the icy-edginess of ‘slowdown’ in my mind. We decided to meet up that evening.

“I am afraid that

And I ceased to write. I wonder what was the reason then. But whats the point. I survived the slowdown!


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