Winners, Losers and the Number ‘3’

2010, for many wasn’t a year to write home about. Some of these people include our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, our erstwhile Telecom Minister A Raja, Corporate Lobbyist (this designation has gained a lot of notoriety of late!) Niira Radia, Chairman of the CWG Organizing Committee Suresh Kalmadi, the great up-keepers of the Fourth Estate- Barkha Dutt, Veer Sanghvi and some others who I am not going to name, great Tata scion Ratan Tata, the pop-star Ambani, Anil and not to forget, yours truly. One of my good friends blamed it on the number ‘3’. The year 2010 adds up to ‘3’ which was, according to the friend who holds a great interest in Numerology, a bad number for collective humanity. Thus those who meant to prosper, perished.

As far as the writer of this post is concerned, 3 has given her some hopes for 2011. For one, 3 led her to a deep existential crisis in the middle of 2010 but towards the end of the year, showed her a way out. 3 cheers to that! 3 made her 3rd time lucky at her attempt to successfully venture into entrepreneurship, the first two attempts had resulted in disaster. 3 is also the number of years it took her to find her way back to a firm footing in her line of operation as far as ‘brand’ is concerned. So in hindsight, not so bad as thought before. Come on, India did well on the economic front with near double digit growth figures. So what onions are expensive!

I survived 2010. And I’ll live in 2011. Live and laugh at the year gone by. Incidentally 2011 adds up to the number ‘4’. Is that a signal from above that the Fourth Estate will do its job responsibly? That we will still have role models from this profession?


Barkha Dutt|"Please let me remain a role model!"

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