The Beginning or The End?

Ta-da! Its New Years’ Eve! The lights have woken up from their day’s slumber and are slowly beginning to burn in their full- fledged glory for the night. The streets, prepare themselves for another set of pedestrians- revelers, party- hoppers, bumpkins from the districts, onlookers, eve- teasers, socialites, the who’s- who of the city, the over- dressed, the under- dressed, the impoverished, the foodies and the likes. By no means can we leave out the men in white whose job it is to oversee (quite literally- from a raised platform at the end of the street) the hullabaloo. The ones with a drink too many would be their easy targets as would be the ones seeking that extra bit of proximity to curvy silhouettes shimmying down the streets.

Food would be in perpetual shortage in even the most popular eateries. Don’t be surprised if the grilled fish fillets taste insipid. They might not even be fish! Posters of half- naked dancers would adorn the discotheques. And the dancers would mostly have names like- Elena, Selina, Yelena, Zeena and all from either Ukraine or Lebanon. Don’t miss the word- ‘Exotic’ which would be spelled out in bold on most of these posters. Add to that celebrity deejays from Britain, Berlin or Barbados. And you have a rocking New Years’ Eve.

Since the New Year begins on a Saturday, hangovers from the night before would be forgiven. Puffy eyes would be blessed with a Sunday before they head back to the workplace. Resolutions will be made about having a thinner body and not missing out on workout sessions. The ‘deep- fried’ would probably have seen it’s last- at least for some months.

Winter would melt into spring and spring would sizzle into summer. Summer would be washed away by the rains and again it would be time to welcome the Mother in the festive months of October and November. For Kolkatans, the year is one big celebration. It begins with the New Years’ Eve and ends with the same. The monotony is broken by sudden somethings throughout the year. A gossip at a tea stall that begins with Singara and ends with Singara or a girls’ night out at Roxy, Kolkatans are game for everything. And when it culminates to December 31, the world is one big party.

So is this the beginning or is this the end? The Ouroboros- a serpent swallowing its own tail? You tell.


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