Kink Kong!

Woody Allen once famously said: Love is the answer,but while you are waiting for the answer,sex raises some pretty good questions.Like what next after sex?

Love.No one thought that this four-letter-word would spawn generations,fell countries,inspire novels,magazines,art,give rise to mass movements,taboos,tattoos,counter cultures,recreation,procreation and what not! Wait a minute,was it love or was it sex Or was it both
Those who have seen Steven Shainbergs Secretary would remember James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in a dominant/submissive relationship.The lead pair takes their sexual chemistry to the realm of the psychophysical.James Spader in the role of lawyer Edward Grey gets turned on by the typographical errors made by his new secretary,Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal).She,on the other hand,gets turned on by the red marks that he makes on the drafts.The two indulge in roleplays in office and discover love in their uniqueness and continue their strange eroticism even after marriage.
Lust doesnt mean that it has to stop at sex alone.Couples are taking it further by adding another dimension to their sexual experiences.Its called kink ! The prudes may purse their lips and raise their eyebrows but its happening in the city right under our noses! And it is not limited to the bedroom alone.Ask PYT Nishka,27,and shell tell you why.The guy Im seeing right now (notice,she is not using the word date or boyfriend !) is really hot.I added the kink factor by going commando when we met at a popular nightclub recently! I was feeling really sexy and he understood what was up when I let him brush his hand across my derrire,twice.We left the club immediately and went to his place!
From exhibitionism,threesomes,sex-toys to underwater sex,role-playing and videotaping,sex is slowly becoming a marathon where there is no finishing line.I once dated a girl who would have a huge turn-on seeing videos of me having sex with my exes, says Abhi,34,who works for a magazine.We would spend hours at my place watching these videos and not really doing anything.We would have abstinence competitions! After a whole day and night of resistance the next evening,after work,we couldnt take our hands and mouths off each other! Not bad for a city as 83 per cent of it believe that having sex with an ex is not cheating,according to a recent survey by a mens magazine.
Sex is no longer restricted to a mind-body-spirit experience.It has turned out to be the means towards something higher,not necessarily more profound but definitely more adventurous.Something like experimenting with recipes.A 42-year-old socialite describes her recent adventure as tasting sushi we all say that we love eating sushi,few have eaten it,still fewer actually like it but no one forgets it.And what makes those moments of raw intimacy memorable is the addition of those extra dimensions.Says the head of sales of a lingerie shop in the city,which also sells vibrators and BDSM gears,Fetish clothing,stripper poles and dildos suddenly start going off the shelves,though discreetly,between the first and second week of February.In the last two years,there has also been an increase in the number of customers looking to buy fetish clothing,corsets,stilettos and other gears.We generally do not display our range of such stuff but,slowly,feel the need of doing so as sometimes the demand is so high that we have to procure from other franchises.
So,if music is the food of love,sex is its lyric.Kinky sex,is then,like that bass note thats necessary to make the song sound wholesome.As the city wakes up from its winter slumber,the soaring mercury has made the wanton pheromones run amok.The season of love returns.Buckle up your straps,bring out the whip and let your imagination get the better of you!

( First published in  Times of India, 13th Feb 2011)


  1. Kolkata had a tradition of sexual pursuits for a long time now. People swap in clubs, men try other women, and vice versa! Props during sex have long since flourished. Digha and Diamond Harbour hotels are crammed with couples doing the whole hog, always!

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