IT WAS A GOOD NIGHT!– The Grammy’s kinda special

The Grammys are kinda special! We are up early morning to catch stars trot the red carpet in the fiercest and fugliest of outfits,watch spellbound as they perform heavy-duty acts on stage,listen with rapt attention as they ramble thank-you speeches.We love the drama,we love the grandeur,the emotions,candid moments and wardrobe malfunctions.Here is a collage of moments from the 53rd annual Grammy Awards,2011,for those who missed it on TV and those who want an encore!

The Staples Center in LA witnessed an eclectic mix of performances.While Bob Dylan and Barbra Streisand were the blasts from the past,Rihanna,Drake,Justin Bieber,Jaden Smith and Usher took the stage and shook the stage (and their booties,of course!) Jennifer Hudson,Christina Aguilera,Yolanda Adams,Martina McBride and Florence Welch performed hits of Aretha Franklin as a tribute to her.The soul singer,who had been diagnosed with an undisclosed illness was resting at home in Detroit.All in all,it was one heck of a good night!
There was still a day left for V-Day.Yet our stars couldnt help but pucker up and crush the mush,right on the red carpet itself! Apart from PDA,the other things that stood out most on the red carpet was much shimmer and shine and Rihannas sheer outfit.Fierce!

Yolanda Adams,Martina McBride,Christina Aguilera,Jennifer Hudson and Florence Welch

Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber

Rihanna and Drake

Bob Dylan

Sir Mick Jagger

Barbra Streisand

Eminem and Dr Dre

John Mayer,Norah Jones and Keith Urban


Paz Vega

Selena Gomez

Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus

Eva Longoria

Jay Sean


Heidi Klum and Seal

Charles Kelley and Cassey McConnell

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

LADY IN AN EGG: Lady GaGa resorted to another outrageous act,which started on the red carpet and ended on the stage.She chose to hatch from an egg before belting out her popular hits.This lady sure keeps us guessing with her egg-xtreme acts!

( The article first appeared in  The Times of India dated 15th Feb 2011)


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