She has had a ‘fistfight’ with Deepika Padukone, has been linked to her co-star in her upcoming release, had a spat with the Bhatts and ‘promoted’ child labour. The fiesty Bipasha Basu opens up.

You are preparing for your next big screen outing. Then there are also rumours to on-screen linkups and off-screen breakups. There is a lot on your plate now. Is it becoming too much to handle?

I’ve been in the business for way too long to crumble under these kind of pressures. Plus, the work that I do, that’s the reason I am famous and get into little problems with people. Clearly, you are doing my interview because of my work profile! I am not a frivolous person and my personal priorities are intact. Yet, I am not averse to criticisms, rumours and discussion but I don’t want to offer any explanation to people.
You are currently filming Roland Joffé’s “Singularity”. How does it feel to be doing your first Hollywood venture?
The fact that I am getting to do the film without trying too hard is fantastic! Roland Joffé is an excellent director. It’s not just a Hollywood film but a global venture as it has got American, Indian, Australian as well as European actors in it. It is a romantic period drama and thus, gives me a lot of scope for acting. It is also my first serious English film in the 10 years of my career. The sets are very unlike those in a Hindi film and the energy is fantastic. I feel almost childlike on the sets as I am learning all the time. Finally, I have something really fresh as an actor to look forward to.
Josh Hartnett (“Singularity” co-star) and Rana Daggubati (co-star in her upcoming outing). How would you rate each of them on the oomph-meter?
I have an almost childlike crush on Josh so, I’ll give him a 100 on 10! Rana…(pauses) I don’t look at him as ‘oomphy’. He’s just starting out and already has a great presence. He’s a really nice guy. So, if you give me a ‘nice-o-meter’, I’d give him an eight on 10.
Why eight? Why not 10?
That’s because I haven’t yet got to know him that well. Besides, I’d anyway give an eight to all my co-stars. So far, I haven’t known anyone who deserves a 10.
The scene in “Dum Maaro Dum” with the shadow of an aeroplane on your bare back is really sexy…
Every shot in “DMD” has been conceptualized by Amit Roy, the director of photography, and Rohan (Sippy). The scenes are very symbolic. There are loads of such scenes which are not worded. The film isn’t verbose. As for that particular shot, it symbolizes, ‘There goes Zoey’ (the character played by her in the film). She’s got wings and she’s flown away.
Deepika is looking hot in the item number. Do you, as the lead actor, feel insecure?
The world should be full of hot people. I wonder, why people should NOT look sexy? It (the song) was our first PR peg and we needed a very sexy actor. Deepika is a very sexy girl and fits the role to the T.
Is all well between you and the Bhatts? We heard that they didn’t want to cast you in “Murder 2” after a spat.
I am not going to get into these ridiculous stories. I have a lot of respect for them. I love Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt because it was they who got me going in the business (with “Raaz”). Whenever they talk to me, they tell me that I AM a part of the movie.
Celebs on social networking sites often land into trouble. Do you think they should exercise a bit of caution?
It’s great if celebs make mistakes helping people get some juicy stories to talk about. My picture with the girls tying my shoelaces was projected as ‘child labour’. The people who talk and write about such stuff, should do something for the cause. It is a free country. I have a right to speak my mind, to tweet whatever I want. I didn’t do anything wrong.
You are extremely passionate about fitness…
I have been a fitness enthusiast for the last six years and I feel, that people, irrespective of their field of work, have to be fit. Forget about the ‘looks’ bit of it. Fitness is a more intrinsic thing. If you are mentally fit, a sexy body will follow. And the faster you invest in fitness, the better would be your old age.
Are you afraid of getting old?
Not at all! People around me keep saying that they’d want to die at 60. I don’t agree with them at all. I think, I’ll make a great grandmom. We have been blessed with a beautiful life and have to love everything we are all about. I would live long and have a fabulous old age.
After “Shob Charitro Kalponik”, would you want to do more Bengali movies?
I would love to do more Bengali movies, provided I get a director who fits my mindset the best. I haven’t been able to see any recent Bengali movies as I have been travelling a lot but I keep hearing that some very good work is being done in Tollywood.
What’s next after acting and movies?
I am busy with my second fitness DVD. Someday, I would like to have my own fitness firm. Probably an organic food farm, God willing!
Bipasha Basu.
Bipasha Basu
( Article first appeared in Times of India, Calcutta Times, 31st Mar,2011)


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