It’s yesterday once more for our Hollywood hotties as they seamlessly fill in the shoes, corsets, satin gowns, et al, of the ladies of yore, in a celebration of beauty, that is timeless

Deblina Chakravorty

Pedro Almodóvar once said, that his Spanish muse, Penélope Cruz, belongs to the “carnal, gutsy, cleavage-heaving, loud” Mediterranean school of acting, a style, also shared by Italian actor and yesteryear screen-scorcher Sophia Loren. No wonder, then, that when she got to act with Sophia in Rob Marshall’s 2009 musical, “Nine”, Penélope gushed, “She looks like a goddess.” We say, ‘Look who’s talking!’ Taking a cue from that, CT puts together actors who have reprised roles of yesteryear sirens on film and on television. Kristen Stewart soared on the popularity charts with her mullet when she played rock-and-roll icon, Joan Jett, in the rock biopic, “The Runaways”. And now, with her dark eyes and full lips, Anne Hathaway is all set to play Judy Garland in an upcoming biopic on the Golden Era star’s troubled life. While Beyoncé made a debut, playing Foxxy Cleopatra, in “Austin Powers in Goldmember”, a cheeky throwback to 70s ‘blaxploitation’ queen, Pam Grier, Jennifer Aniston was recently on the cover of a fashion mag, channeling Barbra Streisand. Gwen Stefani wowed us with her Jean Harlow act in Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator”, while Halle Berry’s ‘Dorothy Dandridge’, in the Emmy Awards-winning TV series, “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” was remarkable. So, here’s looking back at you, ladies!

Penélope Cruz
Sophia Loren
Barbra Streisand; (left) Jennifer Aniston
Pam Grier; (right) Beyoncé Knowles
Gwen Stefani
Jean Harlow
Joan Jett
Kristen Stewart
Judy Garland; (above) Anne Hathaway; (below) Halle Berry; (below right) Dorothy Dandridge
(First published in Times of India, 4th May,2011)

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