Time stops on Sudder Street

It’s not just another bylane of Kolkata. Sudder Street is known to break down barriers betweeen foreigners and locals making it one of the most-loved hangouts for tourists in Kolkata. It’s a world where the colour of your skin, your religion, your nationality doesn’t matter, where the walls of a class-conscious society break down unconsciously, where chai stall vendors give directions to the American tourist in American accent and the British tourist in a British accent. Come, sit down, admire the graffiti and sip some chai on the makeshift benches of Sudder Street! This area is hugely popular with foreign tourists because of the cheap accommodation and food available. Crude looking foreign exchange kiosks line up the sidewalk jostling for space with shops selling pajamas, cotton shirts, skirts and bags. However, the main attractions of Sudder Street are the wall graffiti. A refreshing change from the politically charged ones that we normally encounter on the streets of Kolkata, Sudder Street’s graffiti border on the trippy to the obscure and outright funny. A walk on Sudder Street is recommended for all travellers travelling to Kolkata.

( First published Times of India, 28th April, 2011)


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