All that shoe-sha

What’s it with women and shoes? Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession for them in HBO’s hugely famous and long-running soap, Sex and the City, exemplifies this strange relationship. When Carrie gets evicted from her apartment, she deduces that she must have spent $40,000 on shoes over the years and that she will “literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes.”

I ain’t much of a shoe fanatic but I do love buying a pair or two every now and then. And no, I don’t aim to be the old woman who lived in her shoes and certainly not one having spent over $40,000 on them!

I have this patent shop at Metro Plaza near Harrington Street and Ho Chi Minh Sarani from where I buy objet d’art for my feet. The shop is very small and is in a seedy corner of the mall. It’s got an interesting kitschy mix of display at the window: a pair of leopard print peep-toe booties, purple and yellow striped gladiator flats, a mesh and zipper pair of flats in shocking pink and a similar one in neon green…I’ve been shopping from this tiny place for the last four months- two pairs every month- and every time I’ve entered the shop, I’ve been disappointed with whatever’s been on display. The lace-up cork wedges in floral pattern, the studded sandals, the citrus orange platform pumps, the electric blue ballerina flats…etc. However, curiously enough, just as soon as I would turn to leave, the vendor would pull out a rabbit from his hat! And…it would lead me to the rabbit hole of bliss and perfection! Okay, metaphors aside, the shopkeeper, a young guy in his mid twenties, would pull out a masterpiece shoe which was destined to find it’s place on my feet! Literally! And this time, it was no different. A pair of newsprint ballet flats and a pair of latex flip flops in navy blue with cute green frogs on it had me at “Hello!” They were gems I couldn’t refuse and were every bit worth the seven hundred bucks I paid for the two! I have happy feet now!! Yaay! And I am already looking forward to the next installment of splurging on shoes! Thank you shoe fairy!


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