Cooking ain’t rocket science

Oh if you’ve thought I couldn’t stop raving about my new love, you are absolutely correct! Except, there happens to be two new loves: My new steam cooker and, consequently, cooking. I’ve seen my Mum cook ever since I remember till the time I’ve lived with her and trust me, she used to be in the kitchen for half the duration of the day. Of course, her toil resulted in delicious, mouth watering indulgences like fish curry, mutton kassa, chicken stew, veggie mash, the biriyani, South Indian fares like medhu vada, idli, dosa, uttapams to continental stuff like egg pancakes, tomato soups, spaghetti etc. I’d, thus, always avoided getting in the vicinity of the hearth because the amount of time Mum used to spend in there made cooking look like radioastrophysiology! Haha whatever that might be! But guess what, cooking ain’t no rocket science. Neither is it hocus-pocus abra-ca-dabra. Cooking is a pleasure. For me, it’s therapeutic, stress-relieving. And by no means might you think that I’m a bored housewife. Neither is Nigella Lawson, if you please! I am a journalist with The Times of India with erratic work scheds. And being the Page 3 in-charge (yes, I get to handle parties, clubs, celebs, fashion and all the happening and so-called ‘things of vanity’ out there), I am outta home, mostly. How it all started is a long story altogether. I’ll keep it at this for now. Check in later for more details. And yes, I still can’t stop raving about my new found loves! Okay, gotta go now–I’m going shopping for a set of kitchen knives.


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