Gangnam style!

Korean rapper PSY’s Gangnam style has an A-list fan following

One and two and three and four… And hands gonna be soft like this (displays a waving hand movement)… Bounce like we’re riding an invisible horse… No this ain’t Macarena. This is Gangnam style! Britney Spears learnt it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few days back and Nelly Furtado performed it at her Manila concert in August. Cartoons and caricatures are going viral on Facebook and Twitter and T-shirt designs are being inspired by it. All, Gangnam ishtyle! For those who came in late, Gangnam style is a Korean pop single by 34-year-old Korean rapper, PSY, and as you read this, it is being viewed by the 200 millionth user.

The music video shows the artiste doing an exaggerated and comical horse-riding movement at unexpected locations like an outdoor yoga session and even in the hot tub. The song refers to the affluent lifestyle of the Gangnam district, often referred to as the Beverly Hills of Seoul, where people move with a certain ‘swag’!

It has found A-list admirers like T-PainJosh Groban and even Katy Perry. Tom Cruise tweeted asking if PSY would make a good future co-star. What’s more, there are reports that Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen’s manager, Scooter Braun, has even signed on PSY for his music label, Schoolboy Records. And who knows, the dance style might just be the perfect antidote for those love handles that you so want to lose before slipping into your chic Puja ensemble!


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