Dream within a dream?

i had the weirdest dream last night. it was a first for me. it was equally intriguing and disturbing. i dreamed that i was at a friend’s place. a lot of people were there. in particular, this very pretty girl and her very handsome boyfriend/husband/partner. we were sitting in a circle. the setting mysteriously morphed into a huge hallway. turned out, it was my house. my sister appeared out of nowhere. we were lying on a bed. it was the same bed that we shared as children. the same room. with the eastern window open. suddenly, there were white lights all around. searchlights. not of the tungsten variety. these were white. pure white. kinda like light sabers. the same variety that many cars these days use in their headlights. bluish white. from the eastern window we could see a kind of aircraft. not a plane. very chopper-like. could hear the rotor blades whipping through the dense air. very dense air. dense and expectant. waiting for something to happen. and then, a deafening noise engulfed us. the searchlights lit up dark corners of our room. we were shit scared. we tried hiding our faces under the covers. there was this underlying feeling that if we looked at the aircraft, we’ll be abducted. a force was trying to suck us out of the room. we held on to dear life and the bed posts. the noise was intolerable. a voice inside my head told me to breathe slowly. that if i breathed slowly, i would survive this. this? what? and then, a white tunnel opened in front of me. i could hear screams of people from generations ago. i was cruising through that tunnel at a speed not far from the speed of light. i could feel my body being ripped apart. then i remembered that i needed to slow down my breath. i did. there was no end to the tunnel. it spiraled ahead. its walls were corrugated. studded with mini lightbulbs. maybe LEDs. maybe of some alien variety. i was alone in this other worldly journey through the tunnel. and then, suddenly, as mysteriously as it had appeared, it vanished. the tunnel was gone. i was in the same room. the noises were gone. but the searchlights were there. my sister was gone. there were jelly-like substances stuck on my body. they were phosphorescent, gooey, icky stuff. when you breathed out on them, they glowed and shimmered. there were chunks of these all over me. a feeling of dread possessed me. i thought i lost something on my way through the tunnel. needed to get it back. voices inside my head again. this time, they told me to breathe out on one of these jell-o like things. i plucked a clump of it from my hair and exhaled on it. shine and shimmer. i was told that a wormhole would open on any one of the walls. i exhaled and exhaled but there were no wormholes. a circle of that white light formed on the wall behind the bed. i tried jumping into it but in vain. hit my head badly instead. another formed on the floor. no use. i was running out of time. the lights became more intense. they were piercing my eyes. and that deafening noise was back. 

i woke up in cold sweat. i realized my face was so tense that it was freezing cold. then slowly, i commanded my body to relax. felt the blood rush to my face. it became warm. like pin pricks, the blood pierced every vein in my face it entered. but i was left kinda shaken. what was it that i saw. it was so vivid. so real. i gulped in the night air. it was almost four in the morning. i felt so frightened. what was it? was i going to die? in my sleep?Image

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