Ghost Adventures, revisited

The last time I had checked my blogpost Debunking Ghost Adventures, written in the year 2009, there were 23 comments. Good, bad and ugly. There have been some that have told me to downright buzz off since there isn’t any semblance of truth or fact in whatever I’ve written. Some others have shared my skepticism. Still others, meanwhile, have thanked me for helping them ‘quit smoking’! I thank all of you for taking the time out and reading the post.

It’s been 4 years since then. All of us have advanced in the number of years we have added to our age. Zak, Nick, Aaron. And I. That’s why, on a rainy and wet Sunday afternoon, I decided to revisit the ghoulish realm with a marathon viewing of the episodes from Season 7. I watched 5 at a stretch – Cripple Creek, Excalibur Nightclub-Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, National Hotel, Point Sur Lighthouse and Sedamsville Rectory. In all of them, not only did the three guys seemed more subdued with their findings, they were also open to debunking themselves. The showmanship remained intact, mind you, but minus the shoo-sha. To my surprise, I found out that I too was less skeptical and more open to accepting their explanation of paranormal phenomena. So when, in the Excalibur Nightclub episode, Zak debunked whispers captured on their EVP recorder as those of being Aaron’s who was investigating a different section of the area, I warmed up to his honesty. He could have easily remained silent about it and attributed the whispers to spirits but he didn’t. Similarly, I was impressed when the guys caught the glowing light anomaly inside the deep woods of the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and when they found a clear form of a spiritual entity walking down the hill side on their thermal imaging camera in the Point Sur Lighthouse episode. Their evidence seem more compelling because their investigations have added a separate category to their valediction apart from YES and MAYBE: NO.

It now seems a little more believable.

I have often been asked, have I been at the receiving end of any form of paranormal activity myself? The answer is NO. Do I want to be? The answer would again be NO. Why? One may ask, since witnessing one such phenomena would actually make me believe in them. To that, my answer would be, I would rather remain a skeptic. That way, I can get to have an open mind and ask questions that believers would never think of asking! 

The Ghost Adventures team in the Sedamsville Rectory
The Ghost Adventures team in the Sedamsville Rectory



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