Ranting # 1

What’s on my mind? Nothing. 

I sit staring straight at the empty space. I mean the empty space where you can post your thought. Or whatever’s on your mind. There’s nothing on my mind now. Yet.

I sift through feeds. Find friends basking in the midday sun on Bondi Beach. Bonding with their best buds over a Budweiser. I get none the wiser. Sighing I scroll on. Pearly whites flashing, thigh-high slit and that telltale raised eyebrow. “And if I made it here, I can make it anywhere. Yeah, they love me everywhere.” The checkered branding screams motifs of a recently-concluded blitz. I scroll on. Neat cupcakes baked for the hubby or the birthday payesh that almost makes me throw up on the keyboard. Snow-covered Lexus in Boston. Duckface selfie. Bronzed six pack. Bare backs. Journey to the center of the earth. Journey to the five-star loo. Golden Gate. Gold bracelets as Valentines Day gift. Hold that stomach in. You can let the flab plop out once the flash goes off. Oh, there it is again. Careful, backs straight. How’s the bustline? You mean, the boat neck? Feeling happy. Blessed. Sad. Angry. Confused? Chin up!




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