An eye for an eye, a death for a rape

There’s something immensely satisfying seeing a woman wielding an iron rod butchering depraved men to death. Especially considering the current scenario of disturbing events and headlines announcing attack after attack on women for no fault of theirs. Yesterday I feasted my eyes on the gore. Blood and guts as Anushka Sharma struck blow after blow on the men who killed her husband and, more importantly, killed the girl (the criminal’s own sister) as a punishment for loving someone of a different caste. This was NH10. The only other time I gripped my seat in an almost perverse pleasure watching the shit being beaten out of a man was when Rani Mukherji punched and battered the cocky fellow who was trafficking young girls in Mardaani. Though I feel the name’s a misnomer. The name should have stuck to something more ‘aurat‘ types. Because maar peet is not just a man’s domain.

The pleasure is doubled to see Indian women do so. For a change. Not hiding behind their saree pallus or heaving their cleavage to misogynist gibberish.

A male friend had quipped that maybe some of the gore should have been censored adding that since Anushka Sharma is Virat Kohli’s girlfriend, the censor board decided against snipping the violence. What violence, I had asked. Beating up a man is violence? Pooh.

The recent rape of a 71 year old nun of a convent in Nadia has stirred up several religious and political discourses which I clearly don’t want to get into. The BBC documentary of Nirbhaya’s brutal and fatal rape had sparked endless debates over the legitimacy of its broadcast and/or the fact that the filmmaker was able to evade bureaucratic red-tapism to record the rapist-under-death penalty’s nonchalance justifying his actions. The Kamduni rape and inhuman murder of a second year college student is now a heated political issue. ‘Human rights’ activists and the neo-intelligentsia (roughly translates to filmmakers and actors) have held countless ‘marches’ and ‘protests’ over such issues. Suzette Jordan aka the ‘Park Street rape victim’ has slipped away into oblivion without even witnessing her perpetrators being punished. And so on and so forth.

Rape. Is not just a sexual crime. It is a display of brute force perpetuated by animals who display a habit of controlling others by whatever means. Rape is also a mental blow. It’s not just a state of ‘violation’. That’s on the physical plane. It’s a feeling of vulnerability. A feeling of being susceptible to violation not just of a sexual nature but also a feeling of being overpowered, stripped of basic human rights. It’s a situation where human rights bow down to animal instinct.  That you can be taken down anywhere, anytime, anyhow. No reasons. No logic. No fault.

This morning I was shocked to read about four hotel management students who harassed two women waiting for conveyance in Salt Lake’s Sector Five. Sector Five is a bustling office district equipped with new-age office buildings with glass panes, ethereal highrises, fashionable coffee shops, multiplexes and swanky bars. It’s a place buzzing 24×7 with young and old employees toiling together day long (or night long). An incident like this is probably not uncommon. And it happened at 7 in the evening. Way before some motherfuckers’ accepted ‘notion’ that girls who ‘step out after 9 pm’ deserve to be raped. This is not just harassment. This too is RAPE.

Rape is above caste, creed, religion and even gender. Therefore, instead of politicizing and reducing the magnitude of rape to its ‘motivation’ aspects, perpetrators should be punished severely before its too late.

Why is Mukesh Singh still sitting smug in Tihar jail? Why is the main accused in the Kamduni rape and murder case Ansar Ali being meted out a ‘free and fair’ trial. When he and his accomplices gangraped Shipra Ghosh and then tore her legs apart till her navel and threw her lifeless body over the boundary wall, was that ‘free and fair’? The accused in Suzette’s case are still at large. Why? In February this year, a 28 year old ‘mentally challenged’ woman faced the wrath of 8 beasts as she was raped in Haryana’s Rohtak district. She was later found murdered with some of her vital organs missing. She had no heart and lungs. She had condoms and sticks and stones shoved up her vagina. Cunt. Yes, cunt. While the state mulls ‘exemplary punishment’ the criminals – 4-5 of them – are still roaming scott free. These are just a few examples. Every day, every minute, a little bit of life is being snuffed out because of rape.

Punishment should be nothing but death. The torturous the better.

I gloated when towards the end of the movie as Anushka Sharma watched the criminal writhe in pain, his face contorted as he desperately tried to assuage his bloody leg almost severed in half by the iron rod in Anushka’s hand. She waited. She lit a smoke, puffed calmly while watching the murderer in the throes of agony. Once done, she stubs out the cigarette and, with one deft blow, the life out of him.

No apologies for cultivating such violent pleasures inside me. Too violent? Nah. At least the man still had his heart and lungs inside his body and wasn’t torn up to his belly button or had condoms and gravel pushed up his shithole. Or had his manhood slashed into pieces.


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