Deblina Chakravorty

Curiosity has killed the cat. But in Schrodinger’s world, it’s still alive! I blend pop-culture and science fiction in a tea cup. I love animals and am wary of the human race surviving another natural disaster. I believe we should start colonising habitable and inhabitable planets in order to escape the onslaught of the Armageddon that’s always around the corner in the form of the harmless chaiwala in the neighbourhood or the nondescript ladybug on your shirtsleeve. I have faith in the chaos theory and feel that Haikus are the best form of poetry.

It’s a mad, mad world and I’m responsible for that!

Nice to meet you, have a good day 🙂


5 thoughts on “Deblina Chakravorty

  1. Hi we have some common taste. You look like a an experienced person who can be a good guide. Guide me how can i just make my blog useful to visitors which visit my blog. It is just related to mba datas and news related information.
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    thank you

  2. I love your writing ! as well as photographs ..waiting for your response please add me in FACEBOOK-

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